Station Construction

Station Construction is determined by multiple factors. These range from Luxor Spaceworks supplying everything to only starting the construction of the station.

Option 1: You supply the Raw Materials and construction personnel and Luxor Spaceworks will get your station going. Fees are production costs only.

Options 2: Luxor Spaceworks sources the Raw Materials and construction workers before beginning. Both costs are worked into the end cost for the construction of the station.

Trading 1: 10,000,000 Credits

X7 Factory Station: 30,000,000 Credits

Shipyard I: 25,000,000 Credits

Shipyard II: 40,000,000 Credits

Shipyard III: 70,000,000 Credits

Shipyard IV: 120,000,000 Credits

R&D I: 25,000,000 Credits

R&D II: 35,000,000 Credits

R&D III: 50,000,000 Credits

R&D IV: 120,000,000 Credits

Merchant Space Dock: TBA

Legal Disclaimer: You must have permission from the System Governor prior to Luxor Spaceworks constructing any Space Station in a system.

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