We are more than ship builders


If you were brought here by invitation, then you must already suspect that Luxor’s purpose is larger than production.

If you have a keen sense of purpose. If you have a desire to explore the galaxy. If you realise that the galaxy itself is littered with treasures waiting to be found…. or re-found, then Luxor could be the home you have been looking for.

Luxor is comprised of both old and new players in the Universe. Mentoring is kind of ‘our thing’, so if you are struggling to know where to begin, or how to make your first few credits… let us know. We’d be pleased to aid you.


Natalis Oro#4538     [DM]             [Email]

Bob Stryder#6731    [DM]             [Email]

Positions Available:

With specific destinations in mind, Lars Smits commands the exploration operation. Luxor ships will be made available to use until you can purchase your own.

Luxor will be building cities for income purposes, as well as being hired to ‘build’ for associated Governments and Factions.

Luxor prides itself on the production and manufacturing of beautiful vessels. We will always have need of Sentients willing to aid us in this endeavour.

Natalis Oro has an extensive background in diplomacy but will make herself available to mentor in this area of expertise. Please DM for further details.

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